Introducing BNBRagnarok

First NFT GameFi Three-type Earning | Hold, Play and Earn up to 398,295% with Fixed.

An NFT Play-to-Earn Game with Three-type Earning

We’re super excited to introduce to you our very first game: BNBRagnarok.

BNBRagnarok is an NFT card-theme game that unifies the best aspect of Play-to-Earn and game simplicity. BNBRagnarok is easy to start playing with enough depth for you to discover something new, a scalable game with more usability. BNBRagnarok games are truly yours: not a blip of data on our servers, as it is on the decentralized network chain with a digital Non-Fungible Token that you own. You can buy and trade them just like physical cards and you can do all of these things both inside and outside of our game.

BNBRagnarok is a multi-game mission with Player-versus-Environment (PVE), Weekly Event (MVP), Player-versus-Player (PVP) and more. By winning battles and ascending the BNBRagnarok Hero Level, you earn rewards in tokens ratios of ZENY token and BNB. A normal fight with a monster of PVE able to give the rewards ratio up to (0.4 BNB + 0.4 BNB in $ZENY) per winning.

BNBRagnarok Game

Who are we, and why are we making BNBRagnarok?

Back in Dec 2021, we set off on an adventure to build a more reward-based and simplified NFT game. A place where a casual gamer can enjoy the game experience while earning valuable tokens. Our goal is to create a fair and fun economy in which all players can have ownership over their items and have the ability to freely trade them with one another. We plan on having an entire reality that everyone can receive rewards simply just hold the token and even get the chance to earn more with the game play.

To create this new epic experience, our team was born. And, BNBRagnarok is our masterpiece.

Welcome to BNBRagnarok

BNBRagnarok NFT Hero Characters

Initial NFT character will be featuring 12 Hero with different stats and rarity that can be minted by a player with a random drop rate. The game is built for multi-devices and enables everyone to play the game on any platform they choose as long as there is a browser or a wallet with a built-in dApp. The game is easy to play for casual gamers as the game is designed with a simple and gamified UX that allows everyone to enjoy it. 

You are Ragnarokians, Pioneers of a New Decentralized Game

You are Ragnarokians. Your quest as a Ragnarokians is to complete missions to beat the monster, hone your level, summon heroes and compete against each other Ragnarokians to unlock more maps and earn more reward pool.

Rebase Token Protocols to Generate More Rewards

BNBRagnarok uses a Positive Rebase formula, which means by simply holding the token you will also gain rewards. The token distribution is paid directly proportional to the epoch rebase rewards, worth 0.02400% for every 15 minutes epoch period of the total amount of $ZENY tokens held in your wallet. This means that without moving their tokens from their wallet, BNBRagnarok holders receive an annual compound interest of 398,295.00% APY. More details will be provided in another blog post.

Open, Secure and Transparent

Being powered by blockchain means that the BNBRagnarok economy is open, secure, fair and transparent. With each card securely registered on the Binance blockchain, you can track your cards’ rarities. You can rest assured that the cards in your deck will always be playable. All BNBRagnarok Hero cards are eternal, which means that we never remove them from the game.

BNBRagnarok’s smart contracts are well-written on the blockchain with flexibility of reward token protocol. Instead of just relying on the value of the native token, the Multiple Rewards strategy distributes rewards among multiple tokens, ensuring all players can secure their value of the rewards while the network game grows. This smart contract also opens the door for the project to enable token partners such as collaboration with other games, events with cross project or brands and drop good special rewards of partner token.

Join Our Community. We’d Love to Hear from You!

BNBRagnarok beta early access has already begun. We’re having tons of fun playing and testing the game with our community. If you or your friends would like to play, please check out at All players have the chance to compete for exclusive rewards, and we invite new people to play each week.

In the near future, we’ll post a development roadmap soon, so you can see what we’re working on and when to expect updates.

Come chat with us on Telegram for sneak peeks, the latest news, and so that we can dream and explore together. Be sure to also subscribe to our Telegram Announcements and follow us on Twitter. 

Check back here again soon, and to get notified about our latest blog news and updates.


The BNBRagnarok Team

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